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C2C-CC Demo

C2C-CC Demo

The Car-to-Car Communication Consortium (C2C-CC) is a European industry consortium of car manufacturers and equipment suppliers aiming at the development and release of an open European standard for co-operative Intelligent Transport Systems and associated validation process on V2V and V2I communications systems.

C2C-CC is driving the standardization of V2V and V2I communication, but contributing in ETSI TC ITS. C2C-CC work is used in ETSI TC ITS as a solid basis.

C2C-CC organized its first open demonstration in 2008, where four use cases where demonstrated in more than ten vehicles provided by the different car maker members in the consortium.

 My Contribution:

  • I occupied the position of co-chair of the working group COM (Communication).
  • Active participant in the C2C-CC meetings, mainly in the working groups: COM, APP, ARCH, RD and TC.
  • In 2008, I actively contributed to the success of the C2C-CC 2008 demo, Dudenhofen, Germany.
  • I did a full integration, from PHY to APP layer for the Renault car in the C2C-CC Demo 2008 in Dudenhofen, Germany.
    This integration includes:

    • HMI: nice HMI integrated in the Renault car.
    • CAM and DENM implementation (ASN.1).
    • Basic ITS transport and geonetworking (later-on advanced in GeoNet project).
    • 802.11p hardware integration and configuration.
    • GPS sensor program implementation and integration.
    • CAN bus gateway integration.

C2C-CC website: