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EU FP7 CoVel

EU FP7 CoVel

CoVeL – Cooperative Vehicle Localization for Efficient Urban Mobility

Project started:  01/01/2010 – closed: 30/11/2010

CoVeL is a project funded by the European Commission (7th Framework Program), which started on January 2010 and will work until December 2011.

CoVeL aims at enabling Lane Navigation Assistant (LNA) in vehicles by providing EGNOSS (EDAS) data in vehicles, and by sharing GPS raw data among vehicles. This is done by using V2X and cellular communications.

EGNOSS data and sharing of GPS raw data is used to improve the geographical position information provided by satellite-based geo-localization systems (e.g. GPS and Galileo).

The outputs of CoVeL enable several applications based on LNA that will change our daily life.

My Contribution:

  • Supervising Hitachi’s contribution within the project.
  • Contributing to system specification
  • Contribution to CoVeL product commercial feasibility study
  • Contribution to the CoVeL platform development and integration