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EU FP7 GeoNet

EU FP7 GeoNet

GeoNet – Geo-addressing and geo-routing for vehicular communications

Project started: 01/02/2008 – closed: 02/02/2010

GeoNet is a project funded by the European Commission (7th Framework Program), which started on February 2008 and ended on January 2010.

To complement the Car to Car communication Consortium work, GeoNet designed, implemented and tested an IPv6 geonetworking architecture that is now used as a basis in the V2X standardization work in Europe.

C2C-CC has made technical specification on V2V and V2I communications, mainly limited to single-hop communication, which is the basis of GeoNet specification. GeoNet uses the common network header defined by C2C-CC and further extends it with specifications for multi-hop communications.

GeoNet out-put covers the IPv6 over Geonetworking part of the ITS architecture, and also the GeoNetworking layer itself.

Both specification and implementation of the GeoNet GeoNetworking layer are used in PRE-DRIVE C2X project which prepares upcoming Field Operational Tests (such as DRIVE C2X). This makes GeoNet remains alive even after the end of the project, which is a big success.

My Contribution:

  • Technical responsible from Hitachi side.
  • Highly contributed to specification which is used today as a reference in the V2X community.
  • Responsible on Hitachi implementation. Implemented the whole Hitachi implementation within GeoNet.
  • Leader of WP5 (Emulation) and related deliverable D5.1. Contributed also to almost all other deliverables in the project.
  • ETSI officer for the GeoNet-ETSI liaison (Representative of GeoNet in ETSI TC ITS meetings).

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