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suWBAN: Remote Monitoring over Sustainable Wireless Network

Project started: 01/04/2012 – closed: 31/06/2015

A typical Remote Wellbeing Monitoring (RWB) comprises a sensory Body Area Network (BAN) fitted on a human subject, a gateway coordinating sensing activities and forwarding the gathered data over a wireless network, monitoring personnel or software and a connecting link between the gateway and the monitoring entities. While emerging broadband technologies serve well the requirements of RWB systems, interest is growing in extending the support for such mission-critical applications over sustainable wireless networks – ones that rely on renewable energy to power. Such interest challenges traditional design approaches as basic network functionalities, such as resource allocation or device localization, can be taxing for the user’s device, the network, or both. In some instances, the wireless network can be deployed on-the-fly and in harsh environments, e.g. emergency response. Ensuring prompt delivery and reliability through such instances remains an unanswered objectives, especially when energy availability is a concern. The objective of this project is to illustrate the practical viability of an energy conscious set of functionalities that support RWB and other mission-critical applications over fragile wireless infrastructures. Emphasis on low computational and overhead requirements will be made in designing four functionalities, namely localization, power management, resource allocation and survivability.


My Contribution:

  • Co-Lead Principal Investigator.

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