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  • Executive panel on Connected and Autonomous Vehicles at IEEE WCNC’16
Executive panel on Connected and Autonomous Vehicles at IEEE WCNC’16
5 April 2016

Executive panel on Connected and Autonomous Vehicles at IEEE WCNC’16

Today April 5th 2016 I will be chairing an executive panel on connected and autonomous vehicles at IEEE WCNC’16 in Doha, Qatar.

Executive panel titled: 

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles: From Vision to Reality

Panel Organizer and chair:

Dr. Hamid Menouar, Product Manager and R&D Expert, QMIC, Qatar

Panel Speakers:

  • Dr. Dawn Tilbury, Professor at University of Michigan, USA
  • Dr. Mehrdad  Dianati, Associate Professor, University of Surrey, Guildford, United Kingdom.
  • Dr. Fethi Filali, Head, Technology Development, Qatar Mobility Innovations Center (QMIC), Doha, Qatar.
  • Mr. Malike Bouaoud, Head of Technology Trend and Smart Innovation Lab/Cyber Security expert, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Doha, Qatar.

Discussion topics:

Connected and Autonomous vehicle technologies have been considered as the future of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) and Road Safety. Some features of the two technologies are already deployed in nowadays vehicles, such as using the cellular network to bring Internet inside the car, or letting the car slow-down automatically when the distance to the car in front drops below a safety limit, and even some very new car models are coming with the autopilot feature. Those few deployed features are just a small fraction of the full functionalities that will be enabled by the connected and autonomous vehicle technologies. In the future, the car will be able to communicate with other vehicles around through a direct communication link, and will be able to park by itself, and will be even able to drive by itself while the passengers continue enjoying reading the newspapers and drinking coffee.

Connected and Autonomous vehicle technologies have been given considerable attention by the research community in the last decade, and now after heavy testing and validation efforts, these technologies are approaching the deployment stage quickly. The related political and regulation parties in the US and the EU have already started studding deployment plans targeting first equipped vehicles to head the roads in the near future.

This panel will discuss the two technologies and related applications, as well as their respective deployment challenges in each region of the world with a special highlight on Qatar and the GCC region.

For further information on the conference website click here.

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