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Invited speaker and panel moderator at a QU’s Workshop
9 September 2019

Invited speaker and panel moderator at a QU’s Workshop

I was honored to be invited to present the activities and outcomes of our ongoing NPRP project DroneITS at a workshop on “Mobile Crowdsourcing for Qatar Smart City” that was hosted by Qatar University. I was also honored to moderate in the same occasion an interesting panel discussion, by distinguished and high caliber researchers, on the future of transportation with a focus on #drone delivery services.

Here are some of the main takeaways:

  • Commercial drones/UAVs have a great potential for improving existing and enabling new interesting applications for smart cities.
  • Like any disruptive technology, drone applications are today often linked with safety and privacy threats, but one day they will become common and present everywhere.
  • Government and regulation authorities should find a way to control but not to block the drone utilization and applications.

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